A Lucrative Winaday Betting Bonus

Receiving a WinADay betting bonus is little different from getting one from other online casinos, but it will still be a frequent and lucrative offer.

Getting In on the Action

Nearly every online establishment and American gambling site there is offers multiple promotions and deals to enhance their gambling experience and set themselves apart from similar websites. Most of these venues offer their customers codes and coupons that can be used and redeemed by any who know what they are and what they do. Getting a WinADay betting bonus is a little bit of a different process, but it's still just as potentially profitable, if not more so, than a great many other sites. At WinADay, offers are included in a weekly newsletter that is sent to everyone who wants one (which, considering the free cash options that are included, is probably everyone). In these newsletters are listings of all events and promotions that will be held for the following week. No codes necessary, no coupons to claim, interested individuals simply read about what's ahead, and participate in the events that suit their play style. Every week, individuals are given great opportunity for extra winnings, some of which are described below.

Welcome Aboard

The first significant offer is, unsurprisingly, the WinADay betting bonus for new players. This welcome promotion is an offer that lasts for quite a while after a person's first deposit. On their first one, they can receive a 100% match bonus that limits itself at $100. On their second one, the match is 25% up to $62.50. The third and fourth are the same, and the fifth one is a match of 85% up to $212.50. Altogether, this means newcomers are eligible to receive as much as $500 free over the course of their first 5 deposits. After this, they are eligible for another interesting promotion: a free $50 added to their accounts for every $500 they deposit, including multiples thereof. There are wagering requirements attached, however: the $50 must be wagered 10 times before it can be withdrawn, and the deposit made to earn the bonus must be wagered at least once.

Ongoing Cash Offers

At one point, an ongoing promotion allowed players to be put in a random draw for free cash (up to $100) just for depositing money into their accounts. In addition, every Wednesday for the month of October was the day to play, as all deposits were me with a 20% bonus for the first hour of the day, and fluctuated randomly throughout the day, to a maximum of 40% and a minimum of 20%. These kinds of events often last for long periods of time, leaving plenty of opportunity to be fully taken advantage of.

It is these sorts of promotions that help WinADay to truly live up to its name. Anyone can benefit from them, and there is a lot of free cash to be had simply by people participating in activities that they likely would have been enjoying regardless. It is these sorts of things that set the good establishments apart from the great, and create loyal, happy gamblers that keep coming back.