What is a Reload Sports Betting Bonus?

Casinos frequently offer a wide variety of welcome packages and extras for their most loyal players. An example of such a package is the relatively common reload sports betting bonus, which is an incentive for new customers and a reward for loyalty.

What They Are

A reload sports betting bonus is a gambling event that awards customers for spending real money, and provides further rewards as they spend more. Using them adds an additional percentage of a player's initial deposit. The percentage given is usually between 50% and 150%, though they can, of course, be much higher, depending on the establishment involved. Reloads can be organized specifically for a certain individual, or can be part of a (usually ongoing) promotion. When being organized for a specific person, they are often given as a reward for loyalty or for a high deposit. In almost all cases, the largest incentive is associated with welcoming new players to online establishments with the goal of convincing them to continue gambling with the casino.

Target Individuals

In most cases, there are two groups most establishments will target when distributing these incentives: their newest customers and their most loyal customers. The nature of this promotion is that participants can get more extra cash as they spend more of their own. As a result, loyalty program participants and high rollers are the most obvious candidates for these bonuses, as they've established themselves as willing to gamble large amounts of money consistently. Naturally each establishment is different, but customer service representatives will know how to qualify for such a promotion, or how to join a loyalty program that regularly offers them. Although reloads are often rewards for loyalty, many casinos will offer them to all of their users in weekly/monthly offers to keep the gambling exciting.

Cautions and Requirements

Not unlike deposit bonuses, there are certain drawbacks to using reloads. The primary drawback, and the only consistent drawback, is that they have play-through requirements. Generally speaking, the average casino will have a wagering requirement of 30 to 40 times the sum of the deposit and bonus combined, and certain games will add smaller increments than one game to those requirements. As with wagering requirements, it is important for individuals to read through and understand the terms and conditions of their promotions before using them, as these constitute binding agreements with the establishment. This is especially important, as access is often as simple as using a specific code before making a deposit. It is extremely important to know and understand the restrictions and conditions are present on an offer before it is used.


Receiving offers like a reload sports betting bonus are very often significant assets to increasing earnings at an online casino. As with any promotion, it is important to for players to understand them, and to use them correctly once they do. With the appropriate caution and knowledge, however, they become ongoing events that can make a lucrative winning streak even more profitable, with minimal extra effort.