The Real Cost of a Free Bets Sports Bonus

When dealing with bookmakers who advertise a free bets sports bonus, it is wise to be cautious, as many free bets are significantly more costly than the name implies. This article explores a few 'too good to be true' offers and focuses on the costs associated with these promotions. If playing free slots is your second favorite gambling form after placing free bets, then you would definitely want to take advantage of this $100 + 100 free spins no deposit bonus deal and have an opportunity of winning big prizes of real money.

The Price of $25

One bookmaker promotes giving $25 to every user who registers on their website. What seems like a good deal is put in a different light after the establishment's terms and conditions are examined. In order to receive the $25, the individual must first place a wager (with their own money) on a selection with odds of winning being less than 50%. The site will then match them up to $25. In order to withdraw that money, and any other winnings received, the user first has to stake four times the amount they receive as an incentive. In short, the bonus from this particular venue will cost four times the amount received, with no guarantee of getting any money back.

High-Value Lures

Some websites promote substantially high offers to entice gamblers to accept without reading the fine print. One might offer a free bets sports bonus of up to $250 to its players; however, it's not a very easy bonus to claim. In order to receive the first $50 of their $250, the individual must first gamble $50. To be given the second $50, they must place another four wagers of $50. After five more, players can claim the third $50, and after ten more, they are given the remaining $100. Altogether, people seeking to claim the full $250 are required to gamble a total of $1000. The terms and conditions of the casino also specify that these wagers must be placed on certain games, all of which have significantly lower odds of winning than 50%. In short, the odds of losing $750 are much higher than the odds of receiving $250.

A Risk-Free Offer

Other bookmakers offer what is called a risk-free bet, which is essentially a deal to pay a player's wager (up to a certain amount) if they lose their first bet. The idea is to get a second no-cost shot at the wager. These should be approached with similar caution to any other similar incentive. One bookmaker gives their customers a $10 wager, provided that the original loss occurs on a game with odds below 50%. After the player receives the $10, they are required to gamble the same amount three more times on games with similar odds of winning before they can withdraw their money.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line regarding any free bets sports bonus is that they really don't exist in the way most people would like to believe, and players should be suitably careful with their money when bookmakers advertise any kind of bonuses that seem exceptionally good or lucrative. These promotions usually require individuals to match the bookmaker's investment and steer people into games with low odds of winning that they must play before being allowed to withdraw their money and stop gambling.

Other Safe Bets

The majority of sportsbooks today offer a wide variety of casino games. To introduce customers to the various online slots, most sites will provide either a no deposit bonus or free spins. With casino games there are a variety of different bonus types that can be used to retain players.