Best Sites To Bet Online

Are you thinking about entering the world of online sports betting? The first step is to learn to bet online. Sports betting can be a profession or a hobby. No matter what you see it as, wagering on sports teams can be a lot of fun. In the United States as well as many other countries wagering on sports is a normal part of life. You can bet on the NFL each week or the local soccer game in England. No matter where you are, betting online is a great way to make some extra money. Below, you can find betting online explained in more detail.

Sports Betting in the United States

There are plenty of tales about how the United States government is going to outlaw sports betting throughout the country which is devastating for those who want to learn to bet online. The government has tried to suppress the gaming industry, but it has not worked. In fact, the gaming industry has boomed and in 2006 topped over $10 billion. Most recently the justice department has forced credit card companies to not offer their services to casino and sports book operators. In addition, the department of justice has been squeezing websites that offer these services as well.

But there are still many sites where players from the USA are allowed. One of them is Drake Casino who offers sports betting and gambling on all popular casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. And new players can get a huge signup promotion bonus worth up to $6,000. This is a 300% match on your first three deposits up to $2,000 each.

Type of Bettor

When considering betting online it is important to determine what type of bettor that you want to be. There are four categories from which to choose. The first is professional. There are some people that make a living betting on sports online. This requires a lot of research and a ton of discipline. A sports investor will apply discipline and mathematical study to the art of wagering. A recreational bettor will simply be watching a game and decide to make a wager on it every once in a while. The final type of bettor is the compulsive bettor. This is a person that will bet on just about anything as they need to place a wager. This is the worst type of gambler to be as compulsive bettors give little heed to their bankroll. People that are like this should seek professional help.

Learning the Odds

Once you have determined the type of bettor that you want to be, the next step in order to learn to bet online is to learn about the odds. In the United States betting is typically listed with American odds. These odds are expressed using a negative number or positive number. The negative number shows what has to be bet in order to make a $100 profit on the bet. If you bet $120 on a team that has odds of -120 and the team wins you make your bet back plus $100. The same is true if you bet on a team with +120 odds. The other type of odds is decimal odds. This format is a numerical representation of the amount of money that you can earn on a potential bet. It is easy to calculate the odds by using this method. Simply remember that the return will include your stake.