Betting on Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports where bettors place their money. The large quantity of games and the long period within a season make the basketball is very profitable sports.

To bet on basketball is much similar with wagering on football. These two sports have so much in common in terms of the betting process. Both sports utilize a point spread and a money line. Among the two, wagering on basketball is proven to be more cost-effective.

In order to make the most out of this profitable sport, you have to know the basics. One of the basics is the knowledge about the common odds. In basketball, the usual odds are 11 to 10. If you bet $110 on a particular team, it is either you win $210 or you lose your $110. The commission on the losing bet is where the casino sportsbook earns its profit. This is the reason why sportsbook usually prefer having the same amount of bet on the two opposing teams. No matter which team wins the game, the sportsbook will surely take home an amount of money.

The sportsbook has a strategy on how to let people bet on the two teams equally. A line or a spread is shown to the bettors. Contrary to the common belief, a line is not created to predict the winning team. If you will look on their line or spread, the two opposing teams are presented to be both pleasing on the eyes of the gamblers.

If you bet on basketball through a point spread, your chosen team is not required to win but rather required to cover a particular spread. On the other hand, if you wager on money line, your wagered team must win the game in order for you to win the money. Using this option makes you bet more to win less for a favored team, and vice versa for the underdog.

You can also have a straight bet, which means wagering on one particular game or result. As a twist, you can choose to wager over or under the combined total scores of the two playing teams. When you bet on basketball, you have to consider all these basic information on wagering.